Russian communists support Gaddafi and inadvertently reveal their inglorious past

Paranoid Russian anti-Americanism resulted in the glorification of Muammar Gaddafi. During recent the Victory Day parade a group of the pro-Putin supporters hold banners with the slogans about "Revolutionary Gaddafi". One of the banners read: "They reached Brest and we will get to Benghazi. Glory to the Antifascists of the Muammar Gaddafi".  However this slogan shows the degree of the confusion of these people.
The banner reads in Russian: "They reached Brest and
we will get to Benghazi. Glory to the Antifascists
of Muammar Gaddafi". Source: Liberty.ru

The Victory Day marks the capitulation of the Germany to the Allies (including the Soviet Union) on May 8, 1945. Signing ceremony took place in Berlin. Why then Brest instead Berlin on this banner? For many years Soviet propaganda tried to link a shameful event to the victorious campaign of the World War II. That event took place in the Polish city Brześć, in English literature as Brest-Litovsk, on September 22nd 1939. It was a miliary parade of the Soviet Red Army and the Nazi German Wehrmacht – together (excellent report and photo of that event).   Soviets tried to conceal that fact and prevent it from getting to the narration about the World War II.

Pro-Putin communist held pictures of Stalin and Gaddafi
with the title: "Revolutionists". Source: Liberty.ru

German Army friendly meeting with the Russian army officers
 in Brest on Sept 22nd, 1939. Source.