"Yes We Can" in original, Reagan's version and not twisted Obama's way

Government is not a solution but it is a problem.. This is one of truth which one should remember every day, every minute.
Whether we are Americans, British people, Czechs or Poles. Words of great
Ronald Reagan are always encouraging..


Islam definitely is not religion of peace - testify Muslims around the world with their silence on terror in Mumbai

Where are voices of so-called moderate muslims condemning last week's acts of terror in Mumbai, in India? Are there any moderate muslims at all? It is less and less believable.. Let people wake up to see what is the danger. Atlas Shrugs provided with moving pictures from funeral of Rabbi and his wife murdered in Mumbai. Here is also very interesting exposition of Islamic law calling those who do not believe in Islamic god an animals. Islamic law does not leave any doubt that Islam is supreme over other religions.. 


President Elect Obama trouble with a birth certificate

Mostly ignored problem have potential to blow this year elections up. It is not clear what kind of birth certificate president elect Obama has got. Today's press report from suggests that he may have serious problems to prove his eligibility to highest office. Philadelphia newspaper is quoting an experienced lawyer talking on Obama: "Let's assume he wasn't born in US (...) He takes the oath of office, and assuming he's aware that he's not a citizen, then it's a perjured oath". Investigative journalists should try to obtain certain information or even a document itself. However that news somehow is being ignored by mainstream media..