Inadvertent Propagandist

Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull,
then Minister of Coommunications during the Q&A show
In front of the eyes of millions of Australian viewers Mr Malcolm Turnbull argued that it is important "to promote" and "encourage" "ancient religion of Islam" for Australia. He elaborated that Australia need to focus on Islamic traditions that are moderate, which support freedom, democracy, rule of law, tolerance.  Mr. Turnbull could not make his statement more clear when he explained that "promotion" should not be understood as promotion of Aussie values...

It must have been surprising that politician, who portrayed himself as modern man, retrogressed to communication of ancient idea that its goal is nothing else than destruction of all of achievements of modernity. Unfortunately the only Islamic voice heard loudly in the world that is ISIS and other jihadists organizations (other Muslims do not protests in massess on streets of democratic states as one would imagine that co-believers would have done it if they would think that their beliefs were exploited) do not conceal their strategic plan to conquer Western European states that during Muslim domination belonged to caliphate (in the course of this article it will become clear why author of this article asserts wrong to give example of almost non-existent, or at least non-visible in public, moderate Muslims - and this is tragic situation).

Mr. Turnbull statements seem to be misinformed and confusing which promote and communicate, at best, incomplete view of complex political reality. Because, as Western experts knowlegdable in Muslim religious system emphasize, Islam has never been perceived by its proponents in Eastern world, as Christianity is being seen in Western civilization.

For Christians, Christianity is a system of beliefs and worship which influences their private and public attitude in terms of moral and ethical stance.  For Muslims, Islam is whole life that includes civil, criminal and even constitutional laws.

Its concepts conveyed not Latin word religio, pre-dating Christian world, describing ancient religious rituals but Arabic din which means law. Likewise church, as an institution, as a power is not equivalent of mosque. Western democratic order does not allow government to establish state religion in law on separation between church and state. Mosque combines political and religious functions incorporating secular legislative, executive and judicial powers which Muslims do not wish to distinguish.

Per analogiam the mission of Christian church and the mosque diametrically differ in its nature of totalitarianism that characterizes Islamists intending to bring the prophet Muhammad revelations to all mankind and to impose the laws on all the world.

In this sense Islam is a counterpart not only of Christianity in a narrow language of democracy but also of civilization based on Judeo-Christian foundation.  Jihad is an instrument for achievement of this goal both in its most violent and non-violent manner.

Mr. Turnbull reminded viewers about contribution of Islamic scientists into European culture in the same time but failed to explain why does current state of Arabic civilization remain in regress. And why it continues to reject not only rational and experiential sciences, but most importantly, constitutional order based on consent of govern.

Which Islamic tradition support traditions for example of tolerance or democracy Mr. Turnbull named? Sadly the answer is probably none - emphasizes eminent British historian and expert on history of Islam, author of What Went Wrong, Professor Bernard Lewis.

Historically for the Muslim, Christianity was an abrogated religion, which its followers absurdly insisted on retaining, instead of accepting God’s final word. They could be tolerated if they submitted. If they did not, they were to be fought until they were overcome and either accepted the truth of the Muslim faith or submitted to the authority of the Muslim state. 

Islam is not interested only in defeat of the rival religions but in change of political identity and restrictions of civil liberties of democracies. Islam and Constitutionalism can not co-exist in peace because Muslims perceive liberal democracy based on Judeo-Christian civil liberties as an antithesis of irrational submission to interpretation of medieval nomadic customs and rules. Hence Professor Samuel Huntington argued that clash of Western civilization and Islam is inevitable.

Islam rejected modernity, Reformation and Enlightenment, choosing instead to build the system that is an attempt of creation of world religion. This is part of strategic plan of ISIS designed for Christian civilization. The secret of narrative of Islamic State that has been revived from period of conquests in Europe during Middle Ages is its historic and unchanged character. For centuries Muslims were taught to hate infidels (commandment of love of neighbour is absent in Muhammad revelations) and conquer their world to realize strategic plan of prophet for world.

Another expert, Islamic thinker and reformer Dr. Tawhik Hamid, answered Mr Turnbull who believes in moderate islamic traditions. Dr. Hamid looking at the reality of brutal death cult and its unprecedented popularity in Muslim world asked himself whether a young Muslim can become more religious and obedient to Allah without subsribing to this ancient brutality - practicing moderate version. He answered: no. Concluding that until the leading Islamic scholars provide a peaceful theology that clearly contradicts the violent views of Islamic State, the existence of a "moderate Islam" must be questioned.

It is not. Political correctnesss caused to erase "Islamic" from phrase islamic terror and now it is also trying to exchange Islamic State with Daesh having no meaning for Westerner  (on the advice of some Islamic scholars to avoid suggestion that the IS barbarism has links with Islam). This efforts confuse even more and deprive Western civilization from its most important weapon that won Cold War - language.

West is in turmoil because it can not even name and define its enemy. The founders of European Union did not foresee collapse of political order in Middle East and relativization of morality that threatens defensibility of Western democracies. Men and women of Europe's democracies facing unprecedented devastation of Europe after total world war envisioned peaceful and sustainable life in ruined states based on Judeo-Christian moral infrastructure. This infrastructure is target for those whom message of imposing the Arabic law on Western civilization gives sense to life and reaches imagination of young Muslims because the worldwide rule of Islam is their Islamic dream.

What is the purpose of promoting it? Mr. Turnbull could have used other words for example "tolerate" or "co-exist in peace" instead he decided to argue that one needs to promote and encourage Islam. One of the theoretists of propaganda French philosopher Jacques Ellul would say that in ABC studios Mr. Turnbull was not communicator but rather similar to someone whom one could call "inadvertent propagandist" of slogans purporting false perceptions which never become foundation of peace he desires for Christians and Muslims.


Look, Russian media mogul takes over after Murdoch's crash

In his most creative nightmare Alfred Hitchcock would not imagine what happened to the free press. Coordinated leftist attack on Rupert Murdoch conservative media opens door to the disaster. It looks like former Soviet Union's intelligence services, KGB, influence is being used to buy out free Western media. Am I mad?

If you do not believe it look at this.

The full profile may not be worthy of your money. It seems to be written rather as a support for the Russian mogul and not a critical report. I would say it is a piece of  classic propaganda.

A journalist reveals some details:


Lebedev's the Evening Standard readership is 1,5 mln per issue. This increase of 16 percent from 2010. The newspaper has bigger audience than The Times, The Independent and The Guardian.

Links to Kremlin: 

Both him, Evgeny and his father, KGB officer, Alexander have links to current Russia's political elites, Evegeny Lebedev is organizing fundraisers for Gorbachev's foundation. His father is going to join Vladimir Putin's All-Russia Front.

Origins of Mr. Lebedev's fortune:

Mr. Alexander Lebedev, British newspaper owner's father, was high rank KGB operative. "His fortune is $ 3,6 billions in assets alone (in airlines, banking and potato's farming)". He also "has major holdings in Gazprom and Soviet airlines Aeroflot."

Article contains several pieces of misinformation including quotes of Mr. Lebedev's statements on "civilized role of KGB and its bad stereoptypes".

Perhaps it is interesting that author reveals Mr. Lebedev's editorial policy. He made editor of Evening Standard "to apologize to readers for former negativity". British paper now is focused on social issues: "disposessed" of London and on literacy.

It brings to mind the Soviet/Russian editorial policy of newspapers where optimism fills columns to that extent that it covers reality.

Regardless whether the reporting is fully accurate the article should be discussed.

It is unfortunate that West allowed to converge its economy with Russian fortunes. It is even more terrible that KGB operatives-turned businessmen have such an influence on Western  market. Raised under totalitarianism they do not understand the essence of human liberties let alone free market system. They were programmed to perceive West as its enemy and its culture as inferior to great Russian/soviet spirit. In fact they were rooted in hatred towards capitalism and liberty.

West should have take over Russian institution after dissolution of Soviet Union like it had happened in Japan after 1945. Only then a free Western institutions might had have emerged, on this nonhuman land as once observed historian, former GULAG prisoner, Jozef Czapski.


Propaganda offensive played role in increasing sanctions on Iranian regime

Israel and the United States may successfully harm Teheran through the overt propaganda operation. It was launched last week by Israeli daily Yediot Ahoronot. And it was carried by Israeli politicians for few days. It appears to be coordinated effort of Israel and the Western states.

All parties want to avoid another costly and unnecessary military conflict in the Middle East. Therefore they may have decided to block and isolate Iran completely.

The propaganda offensive started with revealing the Iranian secret site for its centrifuges. It also made real possibility of military intervention of Israel. The United States highest politicians confirmed that Iran is growing threat. Last week during Congressional hearings Pentagon representatives were encouraging to attack Iran. Finally the least expected signal came from president of France Nicholas Sarkozy, who stated that his country will not be passive if Israel is threatened.

This propaganda offensive was intensified days before the publication of new International Atomic Agency's report about the Iranian nuclear programme. And days after House committee voted to introduce much more severe sanctions on the Iranian regime.

Congressmen decided that the Iranian-Libya Sanctions Act (1995), Iran, North Korea, Syria Nonproliferation Act (2006) the Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability, and Divestment Act (2010) are not sufficient to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. That is the sanctions on foreign investment in Iranian petroleum to hinder its ability to attract material, capital and technical support. The bill includes:

Any such action against Iran’s central bank – which serves as a clearinghouse for nearly all oil and gas payments in Iran – could make it more difficult for Iran to sell crude oil, its chief source of cash, by blocking companies doing business with it from also working with US financial institutions. Some Iranian officials have likened such a step to an act of war.Among many other things, the bill would also forbid American diplomats any contact with Iranian officials without advance congressional approval, and raise the bar further for exports of any US-made item – which would include civilian aircraft parts, an especially sore point for Iranians and their crash-prone domestic fleet of aging planes.

However some experts argue that military intervention cannot be excluded.


Poland supports Israel during current crisis

Poland will not participate in a shameful vote over so-called Palestinian state at the United Nations on Thursday, September 22nd.

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk clearly stated that Polish government will not send its representative to that meeting.

“If the content of the resolution can be negotiated so that it moves the Palestinian matter forward and not pose a threat to Israel, and it appears there is a shadow of a chance for compromise, we will be prepared to vote for this,” Mr Tusk was quoted as saying by the Polish Press Agency.

“Poland will certainly not vote on a resolution that will directly affect the security of Israel,” Mr Tusk said.

Here is intelligent explanation why such decision should be made by other countries:

“As current president of the European Union, Poland’s decision to opt out of this lamentable gathering is particularly significant,” said American Jewish Congress Executive Director David Harris, reacting to a Polish Foreign Ministry statement announcing Poland’s decision.


Arab Spring unlike Solidarity Summer

Solidarity leader Lech Walesa leads shipyard workers in prayer
Big Peace published my article on the Christian origins of transformation in Poland. I tried to point at the difference between the Solidarity movement and the Arab revolutions. Here is an excerpt. 

the Solidarity movement was not aimed against anybody. Its first goal was to unite and reconcile people fragmented and isolated by the operations of Communist secret police and Communist propaganda. During the strikes, workers publicly forgave their oppressors. Secondly, workers demanded rights to freely organize themselves (free unions), inform (free speech) and to express their faith (freedom of conscience).

Anna Walentynowicz acknowledged the key role of John Paul II in the formation of Solidarity. She said: “I cannot imagine it without our pope”. Likewise Polish historian, Marek Lasota, who specializes in the history of 1980’s, concurred with the Solidarity leader: “The movement was born in the hearts of Poles during the first pilgrimage of John Paul II to his Fatherland in June 1978”. This pilgrimage had critical significance for the formation of Solidarity. Polish workers were inspired seeing themselves in mass public prayer meetings for the first time on a such a grand scale. Other Solidarity leader Krzysztof Wyszkowski explains: “we understood that there is more of us than them.” Polish workers rejected fear from their hearts. In this moment the Communist regime lost its power of influence because fear is a fundamental element of a totalitarian system.

Solidarity workers emphasized in their speeches and documents that they acted for the common good of man. The movement was not a political organization but a moral force for the renewal of society. Its ethics may be difficult to understand today.