The debate on christian identity of Europe is thriving

Yesterday evening I was looking for information on European People's Party - so far the major political union of conservative and right parties in European Parliament. It happened that theses days EPP gathered themselves on the conference in Warsaw. Since they claim they are christian democrats I wanted to find out how they communicate message on their christian identity to the people and whether any debate they have among them.
Europe seems to be in zenith of postchristian era speedily coming to antichristian age. Maybe that conclusion is pessimistic but among other decisions a willingness to redefine marriage in legal terms and sanctioned it makes me so.
But yesterday evening I was stunned to find an official publication on EPP think tank pages.
It discussed human dignity and freedoms from christian perspective. I am still reading that document but its four chapters convinced me that debate is really going on. And not everything is being lost until now. And former Italian senator and now deputy of christian party in parliament prof. Rocco Buttiglione says that christians and those who cherish judeo-christian worldview should take opportunity to change present leftists into serious people in coming elections to European Parliament. After all there is a place for debate on God beliefs consequences for public life, where most important legal acts for Europe are being designed.
I encourage everybody to read that document.

Read the document: Man Where Are You?